Altjiranga mitjina

I have always been able to remember dreams. When I was at school I was always the only person in our class who ever seemed to talk about what I had dreamt about, noone else seemed to remember them, or they were not interested in their dreams at all. I'm not especially interested in dream interpretation, I've had books bought for me before, and I've read Freud's The Interpretation of Dreams. It's not the meaning that I am really interested in, but the experience itself, the feeling of being in another world.

From a while back I can remember the fragment of dream which inspired me to write this post. I dreamt that I was a medium, but instead of receiving messages from beyond the grave at a seance, or something similar, I was receiving them through my dreams. In my dream I was going to sleep, and when I was dreaming within my dream ghosts would come to me and tell me things that I needed to pass on to the living. That's pretty much all I can remember from that one, but it intrigued me because of the fact that I was dreaming within my dream. Almost as two separate realities were being created. Maybe in my "dream's dream" I could have had a normal dream, instead of ghost visiting me. All sorts of mind boggling alternatives exist.

More recently my dreams have felt more related to my life. I've had countless dreams about Glastonbury Festival recently, and I've even had a couple of dreams about computer games that I like. In fact just a couple of nights ago I had one of those rare moments when you wake up and you're able to re-enter your dream from where you woke up from. I managed to do this 6 or 7 times that night. It was pretty weird, but it was a very cool dream!

I find nighttime quite an inspirational place in general, or maybe it's just being in bed that does it. I come up with lots of ideas for stories whilst I'm lying in bed, most come to me in the morning, but occasionally I'll have a dream that will inspire enough to write it down in case I forget it. All too often I've been in the familiar situation where you're convinced you'll remember what you've just dreamt, only to forget it by the morning.

The last thing I'm going to mention is deja vu, which is something which happens to all of us, well I imagine it does. Quite often I'll have recurring deja vu, where I might have had deja vu six months ago over something, then I'll have the same feeling again over a similar situation. However, the feeling doesn't relate to what happened 6 months ago, but to feeling of deja vu I had back then. Confusing? It also often feels like I may have dreamt the situation that I'm having deja vu about. I quite like deja vu as it makes me think lots about crazy possibilities within existence, which is always good to spin your mind out a bit on a Monday morning!

All this writing's made me feel tired now. Time for lunch!